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Chicago bridal portraits

Pour Mademoiselle

In Studio or One-of-a-kind Locations

For these out-of-this-world portraits, we recommend to have them taken in a formal setting, such as our studio where we will have beautiful backgrounds ready for you, or a specific location of your choice, meant to showcase your true elegance before the wedding.

A Stress-Free Moment for You

There's pure joy in these moments, and that's also what people refer to as the bridal glow! Plus, you do not need to rush, worry about the timeline of the day, the guests... you have this moment to live and to enjoy to the fullest.


Bridal Perfect Pictures

You've taken so much time finding the perfect dress(es) but the wedding day itself will go in a blink of an eye. Don't you want to wear your gown more than once?
Why not taking the time for yourself and allow us to bring out your innermost beauty and more importantly, true self. This time in your life is important to remember. These portraits will mean so much to you and be wonderful to have down the line.

we are here to make you look your absolute best

If you love au naturel, keep it simple. If you want to glam it up, go all out. It's your quiet, special time, yours only.

We offer a high-end service for our bride-to-be, including one-on-one consultation to plan the session and discuss the photo shoot with different backdrop options at our studio. We gladly work to build the best photo session and schedule possible while you organize your trial run for hair and make-up or your fittings for your wedding dress and all your selection of outfits. We always include professional retouching of each image and complete digital archive with full print permission, a minimum of 35 digital files (both color and black and white), and five medium format professional matted art prints selected by you. Most of our brides add on exquisite artwork we design and source especially for them (such as archival prints, exclusive photo boxes, albums, and custom wall galleries). This bridal photo session also gives you a chance to gift prints to your parents, make an album for your husband-to-be or use some of the images for the announcements related to your wedding celebration.

What Makes Us Different

Ameline Studio loves bridal portraits. It is a fun time for you, where you realize it is getting real, and for us, as we seek softness and beauty in everything we do.

We open up our carnet d'adresses and take pride in designing the best experience for you. This leads to modern, clean images that meet your expectations and wishes.

Bridal bLISS.



stunning portraits

that document

this special time, forever.

Your life is soon going to change. Treat yourself to slow down in this turbulent planning phase. Relax, get comfortable, play, and appreciate all that you are in this season of life. 

Frequently asked questions

When is the time to do bridal portraits?

— At Ameline Studio, we recommend to take your bridal portraits one to two months before the wedding. This allows you to have a more relaxed and unhurried experience, since even the most perfectly planned wedding can be a bit chaotic. Bridal portraits are a reassuring run-through, as they give you the chance to see your styling ahead of your celebration, and ask for some changes you deem necessary.

How long does a bridal portrait session last?

— Typically, a session lasts one to two hours minimum, depending on the number of outfit changes involved and the number of backdrops selected, if done inside our studio. We will discuss prior together to factor in all necessary elements to capture the images you desire. Our goal is for you to have a delightful moment you will fondly remember. It will therefore be customized to fit your specific wishes and preferences.

Where to take bridal portraits?

— Contrary to wedding days which give you limited time and location options, you can decide where you wish to have your bridal portraits taken. At Ameline Studio, we also offer the comfort of our studio to achieve this editorial look so many of our brides are dreaming about. Let's talk about what look you ultimately wish to get, and we'll see how to make it happen. You're in for a treat!

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Bridal portrait
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“I am SO happy I did this for myself! I got to practice being in front of the camera and try out different hairstyles and jewelry I wasn't completely sure about. Definitely worth it!!”

— Kristin


“I booked Ameline Studio for bridal portraits. The session was a fun way to try my looks, and I even got to enjoy the beach for the last photos!”

— Jessi


“Such a special photoshoot! I loved the relaxed and intimate setting Ameline Studio created for me. It was great seeing how everything looks on camera. ”

— Clara